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All your office information in one place

All your office information in one place

Handy to have all information centrally available while ArchX is connected to Office 365 or Google. View your project overviews in an adjustable layout to find out how the projects are actually doing, e.g. financially. ArchX also lets you zoom in on the time spent per project or employee via other specific overviews.

Automatically create documents

Automatically create documents

ArchX automatically creates various documents and fills in project-specific data. In this way, invoices and forms are created effortlessly and correctly, and if you want also automatically passed on to your online accounting program. In addition, ArchX offers integrations with Archisnapper and soon also with BIM software.

Correct overviews and calculation of fees

ArchX ensures that project overviews reflect reality. For example, the phases within projects can be adjusted and the rates can be adjusted per project employee. When things change, stage-specific fees are automatically recalculated and passed on to invoicing. Nobody does this to us! At any time you have access to the financial overview and the current use of time.

Time registration per project phase

The time spent in each phase of a project is correctly processed by ArchX, including preliminary and subsequent calculations. Each entered hour is associated with the correct rate for the correct project phase. You can indicate yourself which hours are under management and therefore fall outside the fee.

Flexible handling of various employment statuses

ArchX supports the administration of project employees who contribute with different employment status, both on a temporary and permanent basis. Regardless of their status, all these people only have access to the projects in which they themselves are involved. On an individual basis, it is possible to determine to which level he or she gains access and to adjust things.

Managing and adjusting the workload

Dynamic dashboards show administrators the time spent per project or employee. In ArchX you can also conveniently monitor the workload within the team and make timely adjustments. Workload planning allows you to proactively keep the workload manageable throughout the execution of individual projects and at team level across all projects.

Convenient integrations with various software programs

Convenient integrations with various software programs

ArchX works smoothly with software tools that are commonly used in architectural firms, such as design software and accounting programs. It is useful to have invoices automatically delivered, created within ArchX, to the accounting program of your preference. ArchX also offers integrations with Archisnapper and soon also with BIM software.

Mobile connectivity offers numerous advantages

ArchX has recently become available as a cloud software solution, which offers many advantages. This allows employees to connect mobile to ArchX at any time and from any location. They can view overviews and add information from their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This is useful, for example, on construction sites to score hours or during consultations with customers or suppliers.

We are recruiting!

Are you a commercial talent bitten by architecture and software? We are constantly looking for new colleagues. Be sure to contact us!

Work efficiently every second​

Whether it concerns monitoring the time spent by your team, managing your administration or checking the project evolution: you are always in control and your entire team gains valuable time

More efficiency in Project follow-up
Higher Accuracy in Administration & Billing
Less Carelessness in Performance and Time Tracking
Smoother Document creation in your corporate identity
Better insight into your profitability
Increased accuracy in pre- and post-calculation

Choose a subscription​


€ 60

Per month for 12 months, otherwise € 65


€ 75

Per month for 12 months, otherwise € 80


€ 35

Per month for 12 months, otherwise € 40

Time only*

€ 15

Per month for 12 months, otherwise € 20

*TIME ONLY and START subscriptions must always be combined with at least one PRO or EXPERT subscription.

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    Frequently asked questions

    At Archx we develop on a weekly basis. As soon as new functionalities are available, you can use them immediately. No more upgrades, no more interventions at your office.

    Security is a basic principle of ArchX Cloud. Take advantage of multi-layered security (Multi Factor Authentication) provided in physical data centers, in infrastructure and in operations. Your data, for your experiences, controlled by you. Our most important privacy principle is that your data is your property. We will never use it for marketing or advertising purposes. You can trust where your data is stored and secured. ArchX Cloud is developed on Amazon AWS. As a result, we meet the most stringent standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171. For more detail click:

    All the data you store in ArchX Cloud is contained in a multi-tenant database. This database resides on redundant infrastructure in one of the Amazon AWS data centers and is replicated up to three times across other global data centers. This way we are always sure that your data cannot be lost. In addition, we take daily backups of all data.

    The fastest way to submit your question is via the chat function in the lower right corner of your browser window. Someone from the helpdesk will then contact you shortly.

    You can always contact us via your account manager, via the chat function or the contact form that you can find above.