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As an architect you naturally think creatively. You want to be inspired, you want to create and innovate. This is only possible from peace, space and overview. Our mission is to offer you as an architect as much space as possible for the essentials. Administration, performance, preliminary and subsequent calculations are of course necessary. That is why we have designed a software, only and exclusively tailored to you, which integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow.

Let's build a bridge together to a more efficient underlying workflow.

Interior design of bright and beautiful dining room

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"We primarily use ArchX for time management at the project level. ArchX allows us to schedule our work more intuitively and effectively. This allows us to carry out more projects at the same time and achieve a higher invoicing rate with the same people."

Abdelhakim Guilmi
    Abdelhakim Guilmi

    CEO AAAG International

    "It is a lot more graphic, more modern and clearer compared to the previous version! We are very satisfied with it."

    IMPULS(E) architecten
      IMPULS(E) architecten

      “I have been working with ArchX for over 10 years. This new version represents a major step forward in terms of user-friendliness. Great product that I couldn't live without."


        Peter Geraerts - Architect