In this video, we’ll show you how to filter tasks by project manager.


0:01 Welcome back to the ArchX tutorials. In this video, I will show you how to select tasks based on the project manager and not necessarily the user who is dedicated to do the task.

0:15 So I’ll show you how to do this. Let’s dive into ArchX in the tasks dashboard. So if you are not here yet in the menu on the left, you just click on task dashboard.

0:27 You will see this is the standard layout of recent activity, my tasks, and the ones that have a deadline approaching or, or already overdue.

0:36 As you can see, because this demo is has been going on for a while, you can edit it in the top right hand corner.

0:43 You can edit the layout and add a board as you want. So if I just choose my tasks, because then I can edit what I wanted to show, I will open the settings and instead of my tasks, I will add the tasks by manager, my coworker here, and then I choose the manager in the users what I save, and then save the layout.

1:14 You will see now that it is here, and it will list all the tasks that are connected to projects of which this colleague is the manager.

1:25 So this is perfect. If you are the project manager of only a few projects and your coworker has many others or has others, you can just select the ones that you are responsible for, even if the task itself, if you click on it, the task itself.

1:41 So the project manager is my coworker. The task itself is connected to me. Okay? So it’s not just my tasks, it’s the ones that you are the manager of.

1:53 So you can already, or you can now filter on the manager too. That’s it. The, so just play around with this, how it improves your workflow, what you prefer.

2:05 You want your own tasks on a separate board probably, but you might want to keep an overview of all the tasks that are connected to projects that you are managing.

2:16 So play around with this, how it works for you. You can also in the layouts, switch the boards as any other can board.

2:23 So make it yours. That’s it. Make it yours. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support.

2:30 We’re happy to help. See you in the next video. Bye-bye.