In this video we’ll show you how to add tags to your tasks and why that’s helpful in your project management.


0:00 Welcome back in ArchX. In this video, I will show you how you can add a tag to the tasks that you create, and how you can filter on those tags in your tasks dashboard.

0:12 So this is pretty easy for yourself when you are creating some tasks, how to manage them. So you can add a tag to the task.

0:22 For example, all the extra tasks, for example, could be tagged. I’m thinking about the tag I’m gonna create here. You can add a tag, for example.

0:33 Let’s say the “Friday afternoon” is your moment to do all these extra small tasks. Voilà. And you will see that it has been added as a tag.

0:45 So save this one. Then this other one is also extra, so I’ll just give it the tag. And he remembers my tag, so I don’t make mistakes or typos and I save it.

0:56 And I could, for example, this to-do list. It’s from my coworker, but still I would add my “Friday afternoon”-tag. Voila.

1:05 And then in the Tasks Dashboard where I have the overview of all my tasks, not just of this project, I can create a new card like this to filter them on their tags.

1:18 So for this, I go in the right hand corner and I click on add. So I’ll create a new card, choose my tasks because that makes it possible to edit the filter.

1:30 And then in my tasks, if I go to the little gear, I can make it another, give it another name.

1:38 So for example, “Friday afternoon tasks”. And then here on the tags you will find my tags of voila. Then I’ll save, and I want this to be underneath my tasks.

1:53 Voila, save layout. And then you will see I have my tasks that are assigned to me and not necessarily for Friday afternoons, and then the little tasks that I can finish up on a Friday afternoon.

2:04 So these will be listed here. That’s it. But you can totally play around with this and good luck.