How To Add Invoice Attachments

In this video we’ll show you how you add an attachment when sending out an invoice.

This makes it extra easy to send a report with an invoice, or any other information your client might need.


Invoice Attachment

0:00 Well here we are again in the ArchX tutorials. In this video I will explain to you how to attach any document to the invoice when you’re sending it out to your client.

0:14 So without further ado, I’ll just minimize my phase and we dive into ArchX. So you are already in the right project where you want to send out the invoice and you go all the way down to invoicing.

0:28 You’ll see I have already created a new invoice that already has been approved. So if you want to look for the actual flow of creating and approving and sending invoices I will link to another video.

0:39 But here, it’s already been approved, so I’m ready to send it out. Just click on the invoice and choose submit.

0:46 And then you can either still send a proforma invoice or just send the actual invoice to the client. And as everywhere in our checks, he already takes every, all the data from the project.

0:58 So this is already filled out and I can choose an email template, just bear with, it’s in Dutch, but you probably have an sending invoice template just like I have here with subject and some filler texts that you already created with probably some of the custom codes that we have in our checks.

1:20 How to set this up is part of another video (Watch our Getting Started video on invoicing, in Dutch or French)

In this one he takes the contact person, but that is just called accountancy.

1:32 So just remove this one. I have the invoice number and I have the due date of this invoice. Now if I want to attach a document, he will create a link in the email and the link will be available for seven days.

1:46 So be careful where you put the cursor because that’s where he will create the document. So for example, I will greet and then voila have the attachment listed and I can click on document and added from all the documents that are connected to this project in our checks.

2:08 So be careful here. I cannot add a document from my computer. I have to have it uploaded already into our checks connected to this project.

2:18 I will choose something that makes sense. So for example, a report, and you can see if I clicked it that he adds the link in the email and the little note that the document is available for a week with the link.

2:34 Now if I want to send it, he will add it to the email just like we wanted. I will not do this right now because this is just a demo, but this is how you add an actual extra document to the email.

2:48 There is an option to add your terms and conditions or the actual registered or tracked time that you did for this project into and import it into the invoice itself. (watch that video in Dutch or French)

3:04 But that is just the same way that you would import any data in your invoice template itself. Now I just showed you how to add an extra document to the invoice email, so it has two attachments now.

3:16 Good luck with it and if you have any more questions, be sure to contact support.

Good luck and I’ll see you in the next video.

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