Another time saver to discover in ArchX…

When you’ve had a meeting, you want to quickly register that time spent as a time entry. Without having to start from scratch.

We’ve got your back!

In this video, we’ll show you the exact steps to create a time entry from your calendar. 

Click to watch the video.

Go to your calendar

Welcome back in your Arch X. We go directly to the calendar because we are creating a prestation or a time registration.

So if you go to today, for example, I had a meeting at 9:00 AM.

Create the time entry

I can click on that meeting, and create a time entry, in one click.

Add the project you are working on

Of course here, because it’s straight from my calendar, I will have to choose the project that I am working on.

Select Prestation Type And Details

So select the house I’m working on, and the prestation type is a meeting.

You can add your own prestation types for your own office, in Settings > Internal Costs > Prestation Types.

If it was a meeting, I can choose to add kilometers.

If this is just me working on a project internally, there is no option to add kilometers.

And here, just like any other time entry, you can use start time and end time that he took for my calendar.

Or I can even edit that it was an hour and a half or that it changed to 10 30, for example, that it was a longer meeting.

And then of course, here I have to choose whether this was already agreed on with the client or if it is extra work for this project.

The description is just internal and you can decide whether you want to add it to the invoice later.

Save And Done

Voila. I can save this.

This is the easiest way, after a long day of meetings, to just add them all as working time.

Good luck!