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Invoicing,Tips & tricks

It is now possible to schedule provisional invoicing in a much more granular way.

In fact, in addition to offering you an overview of past invoicing by clicking on one of the phases of your fees (in the “contract” of a project), you now have the possibility of “cutting” the balance to be invoiced into Invoice moments.

It is thus possible for you to edit these invoicing periods in several occurrences, monthly or quarterly

• In several invoices/occurrences: define the number of invoices and ArchX generates the breakdown (according to the balance to be invoiced and the due date of the phase). ArchX then distributes this balance to you proportionally according to the expiry date of the phase, which you can then adapt manually.

• Monthly: ArchX distributes the billable balance for you monthly based on the due date of the phase.

• Quarterly: ArchX then distributes the billable balance for you quarterly based on the due date of the phase.

In all 3 cases, you can nevertheless adapt the default breakdown according to your agreements within your contract (amount, percentages and dates).

Also, when invoicing, use the invoice moments function to group several periods on the same invoice.

Finally, the invoicing forecast dashboard is based on the configuration of the invoice moments (if these are configured).

Any changes in amounts or due dates will alert you of a change to update the invoice moments.

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