Use two-step verification

Two-step verification or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a simple solution to better protect your accounts. With two-step verification, you can keep unwanted people out, even if they know your password. Use two-step verification where possible. It’s simple and safe.

What is two-step verification?

To access your account you must prove that you are who you claim to be. This can be done in 3 ways or with 3 factors:

  • with something only you know (your password or PIN),
  • with something that only you have (your phone, token or in the case of ArchX Cloud your E-mail address),
  • with something that is you (your fingerprint, face, iris…).

Usually you use one of these factors, often a password, to prove who you are, but it is better to use 2 or more factors: this is two- or multi-step verification (2FA or MFA). For example, you use a password and on top of that you also have a code sent to your e-mail address.

You can find the two-step verification in your profile settings.

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