This new invoicing module obviously makes it possible to invoice, to generate invoicing documents (fee note, invoice and credit note), with an upload of invoice data to your accounts! Of course, we kept what was already working well.

But this new module goes further in the layout possibilities of the generated files:

· You can add in your layout all the data entered in the “project sheet” (site address, mission description, client references, etc.), so that the document thus edited reflects  your current layout as closely as possible.

You can now also attach a contractual statement summarizing the financial status of the project (at the same time as the generation of the invoice). A simple invoice (with a financial summary) is a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of rapid payment. You can thus indicate the estimated amount of the work, indicating your fees with the breakdown by phase. · You can also attach a statement of services for your direct invoicing (in one click). No more laborious exports in excel to justify the amount billed for these services.