In this video, we will show you how you can add custom contact titles.

You might want to tweak these settings a little bit, depending on how you communicate with your clients.


0:01 Welcome back to your ArchX. In this video, I will show you how you can add contact titles because you might want to tweak this a little bit depending on how you communicate with your clients.

0:13 So as with everything that is custom settings, you scroll down to your Settings and you have, on the right hand side, you have Custom Data where you have already put your provision scheme, for example, the locations, project types, and you scroll down to contact titles.

0:29 Here I put it in Dutch. This is sir and ma’am, and then sir & ma’am together. But I could add a new one if I wanted, if I wanted to make a twist instead of, sir, I would have Monseigneur for example or something in the in that genre, I could add anything I want.

0:48 Okay, so maybe you have people who are more fond of a certain title. I know in some countries it’s more used, it’s more customary to have to address people with their titles.

1:01 For example, engineers are sometimes called engineer instead of sir. So you might want to add this in the custom data.

1:09 And then of course, when you go back to your contacts, you can add them to anyone you want. Let’s just say that this person here is an engineer and I want to address him as “Dear engineer” instead of “Dear sir”.

1:23 I could choose it from my little list here, which I have not used.

Now, another situation where this might be important is when you have, are in touch with a person with a very unisex first name.

1:34 You might want to add this to avoid confusion. That’s it. Good luck with it. And again, if you have any questions about custom data or putting up your settings, make sure to check out our other videos on YouTube.

1:47 And if you really don’t find the answer, of course, contact support. Have a nice day.