Easily Integrate With Your Accounting Software

In this video we’ll show you how to make the connection between ArchX and your accounting software.


0:01 Welcome back in ArchX. In this video, I will show you how the connection to your accountancy software is set up and what will actually be imported in your accounting software.

0:13 So for that, first of all, we go to your settings. So just above my face here. And on the right hand side you have invoicing.

0:22 And there you can add all the accountancy settings. In the second screen kind of, you will have from your accountancy software, you will have a personal email address that will look something like this, very coded.

0:40 And you can add this as an accounting mailbox, which means that every invoice you create in ArchX will be imported in your accounting software.

0:50 All the data that is in the invoice will be imported in the accounting software. And the only thing you will need to do, for example, with Exact Online is that you will have to accept them in your accountancy software and probably still arrange them in the right folders.

1:06 But all the data that ArchX has on that invoice will already be in the accountancy software. That is one part of this.

1:14 The other part is that in digital invoicing, which will become obligatory, you will see that an invoice when you send it always has just a second.

1:28 Let’s just, this is approved. So I can send this out, submit and send, and you’ll see that on the bottom here, he will by default have this “Send with UBL file” checked on, which means that the client will also get the, the digital data file of the invoice so that it’s easy to import in their own systems

1:52 as well. This will become obligatory, I think, in the EU. I’m not sure about the date, but this is something that ArchX already offers.

1:59 So these are two ways in which ArchX speaks or talks to your invoicing software. Good luck with it, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact support.

2:09 Have a nice day.

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